GH Basim

(Black Diamond LDA x Abadiya) 14.03.2013
Purebred Arabian Stallion, black, straight egyptian (Dahman Shahwan), SCID and CA clear
height: 156, chest: 176, legs: 20

GH Basim

- Sold to Abu Dhabi -

Black Diamond LDA Rappe/black Thee Desperado Braun/bay The Minstril Braun/bay Ruminaja Ali
AK Amiri Asmarr Schimmel/grey The Egyptian Prince
Alia Amal LDA Fuchs/chestnut Tcheser Billa Rappe/black Anaza Bay Shahh
Anaza Mar Aliya
Rhapsody in Black Rappe/black Thee Desperado
Aliashahm RA
Abadiya Braun/bay Muddassir B' Mehamam Rappe/black Imperial Mashhar Rappe/black Imperial Madheen
Imperial Janaabah
G Ashalima Rappe/black AK Sirhalima
Asham Sharafa
Abadi Madina Braun/bay Maydan-Madheen Schimmel/grey Maysoun *
Mesoudah M *
Amal Braun/bay Shaikeel
GH Basim

Basim passed his stallion performance test as part of the VZAP field test for stallions in Marbach in 2018. Especially in the field test, he could prove his courage and his big heart and inspired judges and audience. This was rewarded with a score of 9.0 for jumping / style and a 8.5 for galloping. Also in 2018 Basim was the winner of the VZAP stallion licensing in Alsfeld. Here, too, he got a score of 9.0 for the free jumping and 8.5 for the jumping ability. No other grade was below 7 (see Score sheet - PDF 380KB).

Fotos: © Hägerhof, Gudrun Waiditschka, M. Groger